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Bourbon, bourbon, some rye whiskey, some Canadian whiskey, more bourbon, and some of that other good stuff. 

​Although we're small, we still receive lots of great bourbons. We also select private barrels for our customers and then give you the option to buy some of the delicious juice! 

Our philosophy is this... 
If you support us, we will support you!

Become a part of our Bourbon Mailing List and get informed when specialty (and rare) whiskies arrive. We'll give you the option of being included in the raffles and/or buying the bottles.  
Every once in a while, distilleries invite us to pick our very own barrel! We travel to the distillery, spend the day with some very important people, and taste through multiple barrels before we pick the one we all like.

Our selection team is comprised of bourbon lovers and police officers, so
we've dedicated our private barrel picks to fallen police officers. For each bottle sold, we donate $5 to the "National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund". 

Our Previous Picks

Thin Blue Line Reserve #1 - Knob Creek 12 Year
Thin Blue Line Reserve #2 - Knob Creek 15 Year
*Spirited Discussions - Knob Creek 12 Year
Thin Blue Line Reserve #3 - Knob Creek 12 Year
Thin Blue Line Reserve #4 - Russel's Reserve 9.5 Year
Thin Blue Line Reserve #5 - Buffalo Trace 9 Year
Thin Blue Line Reserve #6 - Knob Creek 12 Year 
*Thin Blue Line Reserve #7 - Knob Creek 14 Year
Thin Blue Line Reserve #8 - Buffalo Trace 9 Year 
Thin Blue Line Reserve #9 - 1792 Full Proof 
*Thin Blue Line Reserve #10 - Knob Creek Rye Single Barrel
Thin Blue Line Reserve #11 - New Riff Single Barrel (Coming Soon!)

* Indicates Still Available for Purchase

We have a wide variety of ryes, out of state bourbons, and double barreled whiskies that are hard to find. 
Don't forget to put your name in our "Bourbon Box" each time you shop here. 
Your efforts will be rewarded!

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